March 27, 2017


I am increasingly disappointed in the shallowness of news reporting these days. So much of it seems driven by a political agenda, not a quest for truth. And for me it only serves as an upward call to be more careful and honest in my own writing.

Recently, two young women were denied entry to a United Airlines flight because of their inappropriate attire: leggings. Such hatred! Such sexism! Misogyny! Stop the presses! Who are these corporate titans, to tell women what to wear? The problem is, the story isn't as simple as it might seem at first glance.

First, these women were flying on a buddy pass, essentially a free ticket afforded to company employees and their friends and family. As such, they were subjected to restrictions (including a dress code) that don't apply to the general public, and these rules were explained to them in advance.

Second, holders of buddy passes are never promised a seat. Ever. They fly on standby, and are only allowed to board if a seat remains unsold at the last minute. If you urgently need to be in Poughkeepsie in time for a 2:00 business meeting, this is not a reliable way to do it.

Third (and this is the most under-reported factor), at least one of these young women sported flesh-tone leggings, the painted-on type that cling to every curve and made her appear naked. She made quite a spectacle in the terminal, as dozens of travelers did a double-take at the sight.

Say what you will about corporate greed, or sexism, or whatever. Indeed, these issues pervade our American culture. But this isn’t that.

As for me, I don’t own an airline, or even a single crop-duster biplane. But I have a car. If you need a ride somewhere, and I happen to be around, I will gladly give you a lift. No problem. But for the duration of that drive, you have to wear clothes. You cannot play Barry Manilow on the radio. And I will not allow you to light up a cigarette. Outside the confines of my Saturn SL1, it's a free country where you can do as you please. But within? My chariot, my rules. Take it or leave it.

Enough. I’m tired of the whiners. I’m tired of so many people inventing new civil rights for themselves, at the slightest insult or inconvenience. Everyone’s a victim, and no one is responsible for their own welfare. Give me a break.

I travel often for business, and plane tickets are expensive. If you want to give me a free ride, I will gladly put on a grass skirt, a long wig, and a coconut bra and dance the hula. Every time. Just tell me when and where.


  1. Lol. If you're going to wear a grass skirt and a coconut bra, please warn me,so I can either remember to bring my camera or avoid that flight at all cost.

  2. Guess I won't be riding with you any time soon... I love Barry Manilow. Well said, btw.

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