February 8, 2012

Look At Me! I'm a Tramp!

Here we go again.

It seems you can’t turn on the television these days without hearing about a new sex scandal involving some celebrity or politician. I must admit, there was a time in my youth then when I was fascinated by such stories, and I couldn’t get enough. I felt privileged to get the inside scoop on the private lives of these people I adored and envied.

But not now.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of hearing such tawdry details on the sex lives of the rich, famous, and powerful. It’s none of my business, nor is it yours.

This week we were assaulted once again with the story of a sex scandal, this time from a former White House intern who says she lost her virginity to the young and charming President John F. Kennedy. Mind you, she doesn’t claim that she was raped or assaulted. Rather, she freely admits that she was flattered by the attention, and voluntarily continued in this illicit relationship – sometimes as often as twice a week – for about a year and a half.

Someone tell me, please, what’s the point of all this? After all, we can’t impeach the president for his loose morals, we can’t leverage the secret to extort political favors, and we can’t restore this woman’s lost innocence. And of course, very conveniently, the scoundrel isn’t around to tell his side of the story.  Alas, the answer to this question is conspicuously absent from every news story I’ve seen.

Just a couple of months ago, it was Herman Cain in the hot seat. Apparently he carried on a sexual relationship with a woman (not his wife) for about 13 years. She didn’t accuse him of a crime, she just thought the world should know. And am I the only one who found it strange that she brought a lawyer to her press conference?

Before Cain, it was Tiger Woods and about a dozen alleged bed-mates. Before that, Clinton and Lewinsky. I could go on and on with examples from recent history, but you get the idea. And as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow morning, we will see another accusation before this year is over. Hey, it’s an election year!

These women weren’t victims, and they didn’t even claim to be. Far from owning up to their own poor judgment, they sought out the nearest television camera to boast about things that should force them to hide their faces in shame.

It takes two to tango. Neither one is more guilty than the other. If we stop listening, will they stop talking? I don’t know, but…hey, let’s try it, and see what happens.  

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  1. Hows that "ignoring cultural slime" thing going for you? Sorry. Arresting human nature is like shoveling out the sea as far as I'm concerned.