May 24, 2014

Christians Are Stupid

There they go again. It’s not that I feel entitled, and I have no interest in shutting them up. I shouldn’t feel surprised, but somehow it always catches me off-guard. Week after week, the message of the popular media is loud and clear:

Christians are stupid.

That’s right. According to a recent survey by the Associated Press, the believers of America live in a bubble of ignorance, disregarding settled science, unwilling to get with the 21st century.

Oh, really?

Apparently, the scientists of the world have figured out that the earth is billions of years old. And Christians are foolish to believe anything else, because the evidence is so overwhelming. Is that so? Everything I learned in school, tells me that scientific certainty is supposed to be rooted in things that are observable and repeatable. Which in this case, of course, is impossible.

As for a Big Bang? Frankly I have no problem with that premise, and I can’t imagine why any believer would. But for the record I’m still waiting for “science” to explain the origin of the pre-existing materials, and what made them go “boom.” Anyone?

(Incidentally, this is the same argument that skeptics often make about the existence of God: If there truly is a supernatural Creator, then who made him? And who made him? Surely everything had a cause and an origin. But sooner or later, we eventually come around to the necessity for an “uncaused cause.” And for this, science offers no answer.)

According to this survey, about three-fourths of all believers doubt the validity of natural selection. But hold the phone for a moment: We know that Christians (as a group) believe in the Bible account of Creation, so what’s your point? If anything, I’m disappointed that the result wasn’t four-fourths.

“They” say that about six out of ten believers doubt that people caused global warning. This one mystifies me: Legions of unbelieving scientists share that opinion, without the baggage of religion. And can someone point me to a tenet of Christianity that favors one side or the other? Honestly, I’m eager to know.

Who do you suppose it was that built the world’s largest network of colleges and universities, which made possible some of the greatest scientific discoveries ever? It was Christians.

Who has built the world’s largest and best network of hospitals to care for the sick and dying among us? Look it up: It was Christians, committed believers, in service to their God.

Where do we find the best schools for our children? Year after year, surveys of all kinds find that Christian schools produce the best test scores and the most college-ready graduates. And their moral guidance (which you won’t find in public schools) doesn’t hurt either.

Who was it that rebuked Galileo for promoting his agenda of heliocentrism? OK, I will give you that one.

At the end of the day, it troubles me when I see “scientists” preach so dogmatically about matters that are neither testable nor repeatable. And it troubles me even more, when I meet a professing believer who caves so easily to pseudo-science.

I only wish that my fellow believers were stupider. I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist.


  1. Kamini Chandra-MohanJuly 1, 2014 at 6:56 AM

    Natural selection is real and observable--creatures choose mates based on color, health, ability to fight competing mates, symmetry, etc. However, evolution is not a result of natural selection. There are so many things wrong with the theory of evolution! I don't believe in it--it's a theory devised to eliminate God's hand in creation. For all those who hate God, evolution is a perfect alternative to the Biblical account. It doesn't matter that there are mountains of evidence against evolution. Just as many Christians turn away from certain literature in fear of witchcraft (Harry Potter for example. JK Rowling is a Christian, by the way, but many people called her a witch) so many (or all) evolutionists turn a blind eye to real evidence that contradicts and ultimately destroys evolutionary theory. I recommend watching this video to learn about some of this scientific evidence that supports Creation. It might also help boost your faith. It certainly helped me breathe a sigh of relief to know there's scientific evidence out there for Biblical creation--we just don't hear about it because the majority of people in the scientific community hate God.